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Contact me for a 20 minutes discovery free and non-binding call.

Anne Rigaud-Walker, executive coach

After graduating with honors in International Trade at Advancia, I started my career in aeronautics at AAR.

Then I had the privilege of taking part in the digital development at Yahoo. I managed incredibly skilled teams for 15 years, as Director Media and Search, in the expert advertising departments.

I discovered a passion for helping teams and individuals to reach their full potential. 

As a manager in such a fast-paced work environment one of the most important aspects for me was how to ensure performance levels were reached whilst ensuring each individuals’ personal values were respected. 

How challenging it is, how exciting it can be to accompany teams in such an ever- changing environment, and to search for meaning in the technical and structural changes. 

I realized that any company undergoing its digital transformation is confronted with major human issues.
Technical expertise is now no more important than human expertise, where changes and perpetual transformation, compromise between goals, tension and conflict, and outdoing oneself and one’s objectives, must all be considered.

In 2016, I followed my instinct and my heart into a new challenge: coaching and unveiling people’s potentials.

I started my reorientation at HEC Paris with the Executive Coaching programme. I graduated in 2017 and have since been managing ARW, my own coaching company.

Today, I coach in both English and French.

Anne Rigaud Walker - ARW Coaching


AICC-HEC Paris Certification